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Commit c04d5f91 authored by Anthony Umemoto's avatar Anthony Umemoto
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v1.2.1 commit count

parent 7814d42d
......@@ -111,7 +111,6 @@ If you encounter a bug, please report it using this form:
+ A commit is counted even if nothing is pushed. This is seen in the verbose output, and the program output.
+ Usage and synopsis may not fit in terminal windows completely. This is particularly a problem for terminals that cannot scroll up.
......@@ -229,13 +229,16 @@ while (( $gm_reps > 0 )); do
for gm_ft in "${gm_files[@]}"; do
git add $gm_ft
git commit $gm_sil -m "autosaving progress $(date)"
gm_com=$(git commit $gm_sil -m "autosaving progress $(date)")
echo "$gm_com"
git push $gm_sil
trap - SIGINT
# tracking progress
if [[ $(echo "$gm_com" | grep -o "nothing to commit") != "nothing to commit" ]]; then
if (( $gm_reps > 0 )); then
# nice formatting
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