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Commit 3824dfe5 authored by Jiaqi Duan's avatar Jiaqi Duan
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Update Graph.h

parent 51cc04e5
Name: Jiaqi Duan
CruzID: jduan10
Source file Name: Graph.h
IDE: XCode
# ifndef Graph_h
# define Graph_h
# include "List.h"
# include <stdio.h>
# define INF -1 // means infinite
# define NIL 0 // means NULL
# define UNDEF -2 // mean undefined
/* ---------------------------- Eported type -------------------------------*/
typedef struct GraphObj* Graph;
/* ---------------------- Constructors-Destructors --------------------------*/
Graph newGraph(int n);
void freeGraph(Graph* pG);
/* --------------------------- Access functions -------------------------------*/
int getOrder(Graph G);
int getSize(Graph G);
int getSource(Graph G);
int getParent(Graph G, int u);
int getDiscover(Graph G, int u);
int getFinish(Graph G, int u);
int getDist(Graph G, int u);
void getPath(List L, Graph G, int u);
/* ------------------------ Manipulation procedures ----------------------------*/
void makeNull(Graph G);
void addArc(Graph G, int u, int v);
void addEdge(Graph G, int u, int v);
void BFS(Graph G, int s);
void DFS(Graph G, List S);
/* ----------------------------- Other operations -------------------------------*/
void visit(Graph G, List S, int* time, int u);
Graph transpose(Graph G);
Graph copyGraph(Graph G);
void printGraph(FILE* out, Graph G);
# endif /* Graph_h */
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