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Commit 7c67e237 authored by Jiaqi Duan's avatar Jiaqi Duan
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Name: Jiaqi Duan
CruzID: jduan10
Source file Name: List.h
IDE: XCode
# ifndef List_h
# define List_h
/* ------------------------------ Structs ----------------------------------*/
typedef struct ListObj* List;
/* ---------------------- Constructors-Destructors --------------------------*/
List newList(void);
void freeList(List* pL);
/* --------------------------- Access functions -------------------------------*/
int length(List L);
int indexElem(List L);
int front(List L);
int back(List L);
int get(List L);
int equals(List A, List B);
int isEmpty(List L);
/* ------------------------ Manipulation procedures ----------------------------*/
void clearList(List L);
void set(List L, int x);
void moveFront(List L);
void moveBack(List L);
void movePrev(List L);
void moveNext(List L);
void prepend(List L, int x);
void append(List L, int x);
void insertBefore(List L, int x);
void insertAfter(List L, int x);
void deleteFront(List L);
void deleteBack(List L);
void delete(List L);
/* ----------------------------- Other operations -------------------------------*/
void printList(FILE* out, List L);
List copyList(List L);
List concatList(List A, List B);
# endif /* List_h */
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