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Commit 11e1448f authored by Kabir Kwatra's avatar Kabir Kwatra
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feat(prompt): Add starship prompt config

parent 21114ee3
#!/usr/bin/env fish
if command -qs starship
set -gx STARSHIP_CONFIG $HOME/.config/fish/starship.toml
starship init fish | source
format = """
disabled = true
format = "\n╰─$symbol "
success_symbol = "[❯](bold green)"
error_symbol = "[❯](bold red)"
vicmd_symbol = "[❮](bold green)"
format = "[$user]($style)@"
show_always = true
style_user = '#DF005F'
format = "[$hostname]($style)::"
ssh_only = false
style = '#87FF00'
truncation_symbol = "…/"
disabled = true
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