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Commit 774f6287 authored by Kabir Kwatra's avatar Kabir Kwatra
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fix(rofi): Misc fixes for new version

parent 68466942
......@@ -27,9 +27,9 @@ configuration {
border: 0;
border-color: @background;
border-radius: 8;
width: 300px;
location: northeast;
x-offset: -8;
width: 120px;
location: northwest;
x-offset: 8;
y-offset: 40;
......@@ -5,34 +5,34 @@ THEME="${XDG_CONFIG_HOME:-$HOME/.config}/rofi/powermenu.rasi"
rofi_command="rofi -no-config -theme $THEME"
# Options
shutdown=" Shutdown"
reboot=" Restart"
lock=" Lock"
suspend="鈴 Suspend"
logout=" Logout"
o_shutdown=" Shutdown"
o_reboot=" Restart"
o_lock=" Lock"
o_suspend="鈴 Suspend"
o_logout=" Logout"
# Variable passed to rofi
chosen="$(echo -e "$options" | $rofi_command -dmenu -selected-row 0)"
case $chosen in
systemctl poweroff
systemctl reboot
if [[ -f /usr/bin/i3lock ]]; then
i3lock -i ~/Pictures/dracula-purplish-1080p.png
elif [[ -f /usr/bin/betterlockscreen ]]; then
betterlockscreen -l
systemctl suspend
# $HOME/.config/leftwm/themes/current/down && pkill leftwm
bspc query --nodes | while read -r winid; do
xdotool windowkill "$winid"
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